It’s by no means a necessity to work with a full-service operation, but the advantages...

How to Evaluate a Marketing Agency: Tip #7-Who owns What?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On January - 5 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

Not every Digital Marketing firm is as legitimate as they would have you believe. So how can you separate the charlatans, scammers and incompetents from the professionals? With a little basic homework, and armed with the right questions, you stand a pretty good chance of partnering with the right firm.

Below is an expanded section from our...

People are Talking About You…Without You

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On May - 26 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

talking-about-youNegative Reviews are the Kiss of Death
Reputation Management is...

5 Proven Methods to Boost Your Google Rankings

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On May - 20 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

googlePublishers Note: Gregg Towsley is a fellow Digital Marketer who specializes in helping plumbing/HVAC companies get...

Marketing Focus of the Week: Charter Schools

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On March - 11 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Back To School

The Charter Schools industry has become extremely competitive, and with each school scrambling to enroll more students...

Online Reviews are a Key Strategy to Your Marketing Plan

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On February - 27 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Reputation ManagementPublishers Note:...

16 Ways to Do Websites Wrong

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On February - 4 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

It’s easy to tell you how to do...

How Does the Web Design Process REALLY Work?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On December - 18 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Turning a Four Week Project into a Twelve Week Project

So you decided to redesign the company website. After all, that design your nephew Jimmy did back in 2009 is starting to look a little dated. This time around you decided to upgrade the company image and work with a professional website design company. You haven’t done that before, but if your nephew could do it in four months, a professional should be able to do it in one month easy. In fact, you are going to synchronize...

We really do love our clients, but some of the things they do to shoot themselves in the foot are amusing…if not predictable.


We’ve been designing business websites since 1999, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what to expect from our otherwise well intentioned clientele.


Now we’re not above sarcasm, so we put together this expert’s guide detailing how a business owner can be their own worst enemy and effectively flush their website budget...

What is Visual Content, and why do I Care?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On November - 8 - 2013ADD COMMENTS


Face it, the Internet is all about content. Why else would you go there unless you expected to find a product or service that you’re looking for, or to consume videos or music, or to share socially with your friends? Visual content is simple converting your message to something consumers “see” rather than just read. It comes in many different flavors, but...

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