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Live Chat adds the “human” experience to websites

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On May - 23 - 2011

The best part is you only pay for the actual lead…nothing else.

At its best, the internet simulates the human experience… a tough job with one-way conversations typically being the only recourse.

So how then can you fully engage your visitors in “Real Time”? Actually, with a new program we are offering, you don’t have to…we will do it for you. It’s called Total Live Chat.

Here’s how it works:

  • A visitor goes to your website
  • A live Chat widget bounces into place right in front of them
  • If they are truly interested, they just click on it and one of our Chat Agents engages them in a conversation.

Our Chat Agent’s goal is to collect their contact information, and find out what they need and then send the lead directly to you. Not only is your site monitored in actual time, you get detailed reports and an email summary of each conversation so you can act on your leads as they come in.

What are the benefits of Live Chat?

  • Internal analysis indicates an increase in leads from online advertising by 30%
  • Immediately connect with your most engaged visitors
  • Higher conversion rate of your precious traffic
  • Reduces website abandonment

Here is a quick video that explains it all in about one-minute…


CDC Zombie Preparedness… The Irony of Great Marketing

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On May - 23 - 2011

Sheer genius! In a recent publicity stunt the CDC (Center for Disease Control) garnered national attention by Tweeting about its zombie readiness protocol. This Social Media madness was designed to focus attention on disaster preparedness. In this case the disaster was an onslaught of the un-dead.

Disaster preparedness kits are something that we all know we should have, but few of us do. Not exactly sexy or interesting to most of us. Zombies on the other hand… well, I personally find them interesting (excluding my staff on a Monday morning).

The angle was to instruct you on what you need to do before a zombie invasion and before you can locate a zombie-free refugee camp. And by the way… these instructions are also good for natural disasters as well.

The irony of great marketing? Well it worked so well that all the additional traffic crashed their servers. I guess they weren’t that prepared after all.

-Chuck Bankoff

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