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SoLoMo Marketing for the Savvy Business

SoLoMo (Social, Local, & Mobile) combines social media networking with mobile devices, and its location information.  SoLoMo is now bringing new marketing opportunities to businesses.  The mobile statistics in favor of SoLoMo marketing are staggering to say the least; where 90% of people researching products from their mobile phones are taking action within 24 hours of their search- This according to an article in In2 Communications

There appears to be a huge untapped mobile market, because few businesses have built mobile friendly websites. Even if businesses have mobile friendly websites, they are only beginning to exploit the mobile phone location marketing that is now possible with some of the latest Google mobile search engine capabilities.Maybe some businesses are counting on SoLoMo being a passing fad on the way to the next marketing focus.  The businesses that jump in now have the advantage, while competition is at a fairly low level.

Mobile Internet users are rapidly expanding in 2013, and by the end of 2014 the number of mobile searches online is expected to exceed the wired Internet searches.  Businesses in almost every vertical market need to consider what mobile devices can do to expand their business.

Sometimes businesses are focusing in on just the social and mobile aspects, but they are still counting on the fact that people keep their smart phones with them at all times. Those mobile users are searching online where ever they happen to be.   A recent case study for a retailer demonstrates this in an article – How a Retailer found Mobile Success On Facebook Through Socks and Stories.

What is iEmSoLoMo marketing and is it on the horizon?

So what additional marketing opportunities are on the horizon?  According to an article in Emarketer, there is a big push to expand SoLoMo further by adding email marketing that is mobile device sensitive. So I thought everyone could already get email on their mobile phones- what is this new thrust into mobile sensitive emails?  Companies worldwide are designing their emails to render differently on mobile devices- and then integrating their mobile marketing efforts with email marketing efforts. 

In addition, I think Apple should also jump on board with the Email marketing addition to SoLoMo, so that we can coin a new term and call it iEmSoLoMo.

Does this mean every time I come near a favorite restaurant or shop that I might receive a location sensitive and maybe time sensitive email for specials they might be having that day?  Will this change my mind about where to eat dinner or what items I might look for in shopping?  Maybe when several friends in my social networks talk up their recent purchases, maybe these influences will help buying decisions.  Businesses with a significant social media presence are counting on the social networking word of mouth advertising to expand their sales force.  Certainly the best sales, reviews, and referrals come from customers discussing items with other potential customers.

Combining Social media with Social Media Marketing

In addition to SoLoMo and Email, what happens when we combine the strengths of multiple social media marketing efforts together?  So do we have a SoSoLoMo marketing effort or something more exciting?  In a recent article in Social Media Examiner, some guidelines were given for driving more YouTube Views with Pinterest.  The article suggests that all our YouTube videos should be pinned on Pinterest.  Certainly building an audience in one social media network and cross linking to another social network will build new opportunities. However, businesses should not ignore the building mobile device market place when exploiting Social upon Social marketing efforts.  By itself the social crosslinking can be powerful, but what happens if one pulls a Foursquare into the mix, or other social, mobile location information.   Will the opportunities get more interesting- or just more convoluted?  The opportunities may depend on what market vertical your business is in, and whether mobile location can be exploited to build marketing excitement.

Can the savvy business jump ahead of competition with high powered SoLoMo marketing efforts?  We certainly are running into more SoLoMo creative marketing efforts every day.  Don’t let your competition come up with all of the creative ideas, build some new ones into your next marketing effort- So Go So So Lo Mo!

Mark Colestock, a digital marketing strategist at WSI DigNet, helping businesses with their online marketing needs. 


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