The 6 Styles of Landing Pages…and when to use them

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You can drive as much traffic...

What is Adaptive SEO?

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First you have to understand that Google’s objective is to promote the best websites, not the best “optimized” websites. Search engines want to display the most accurate and varied results for each and every search query. Search engine optimizers know basically what the engines are looking for and attempt to gain a competitive advantage by “gamming” the system.

These techniques were not only publicly advertised, but considered industry best practices. The problem was they never...

PPC: Lead Generation on Demand

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Enable contextual and measurable multi-device marketing

  • Are you struggling to make your presence felt online?
  • Do the deeper pockets of your larger competitors keep you up at night? 
  • If potential customers are using multiple devices to search for information, how will you...

How NOT to Measure your Web Presence

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I originally posted this Blog article on a couple of months ago. I was just talking with a client and the subject came up again. I think this one is...

Landing Page Love… Optimization in 2013

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Landing page design is more about psychology than anything else. The idea is to persuade a visitor to your page to do a very specific thing (give you their contact info, request a demo, or the holy grail of marketing… a transaction).

What is the goal of any marketing campaign?...

Mobile Websites are Dead. Long Live Mobile Websites.

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With web traffic from mobile devices set to surpass that from desktop computers in just a few years, how can mobile websites be dead? While mobile traffic will continue to increase, what’s coming to an end is the practice of building a separate mobile version of a site. New technology now allows us to create one website that will elegantly adapt itself for smart phones and tablets by using responsive website design.

Anyone who has tried to navigate a conventional website on their smart...


SoLoMo Marketing for the Savvy Business

SoLoMo (Social, Local, & Mobile) combines social media networking with mobile devices, and its location information.  SoLoMo is now bringing new marketing opportunities to businesses.  The mobile statistics...

content marketing KWW

Year 2012 saw an increased focus on content marketing. There was a marked rise in the number of small and medium businesses adopting integrated content marketing strategies to engage with customers and prospects. We also saw increased adoption of trends such as responsive Web design, geo-tagging,...

I’ve had the good fortune to train other digital marketing consultants around the world and I quickly learned that what works in the US, doesn’t play well in South Africa, or Columbia or in Amsterdam.

I’ve been to a lot of countries, but never to Central Europe, so I asked my colleague Mateusz Wisła...

Apparently I have a Great Face for Radio

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Chuck Bankoff on Business Experience Radio ShowAndy Warhol was right. My 15 minutes of fame lasted exactly 15 minutes. Did you catch my interview on the Business Experience Radio show the other night?

I didn’t think so, but then again I knew that going in. After all, it was actual broadcast...