Digital Marketing Explained

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It used to be about websites and search engine optimization. Now it’s about...


If you don’t...

mobileSEOSince Mobile devices are getting hotter ever hour as we move into 2013, should...

When Google sneezes…I catch a cold

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There’s probably about a dozen other clichés marketing agencies can use to describe how the search engine giant plays the tune and we just dance to it (see, there’s another one).

For years digital marketing firms have been playing cat and mouse games with Google. The factors that the search engines use to determine where a website should be ranked in the search results were just too easy to be manipulated by those of us who made a career of it. Some of us played by the rules (white...

Was Social Media Dangerous During Hurricane Sandy?

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From time to time I like to showcase guest bloggers to weigh in on topics like social media and SEO. This week my fellow Digital Marketing consultant and Hurricane survivor Linda Waterhouse takes a look back on how some people abused social media during the recent disaster. Moral of the story is; don’t always believe everything you see on the Internet…

A landing page is, literally, where your online visitors ‘land’. It is your web page that is displayed when a visitor clicks an online advertisement, or a link from search engine results pages, or scans your QR code with a smart phone. This may or may not be your home page, but it definitely needs to be a page that is designed to convert quality leads into customers.

Visitors to your landing page will stay there only a few seconds before they decide if they have come to the right place....

The statistics are overwhelming. Consumers will either reject or embrace your brand based on what they see when accessing your website on a mobile device.

Here are just a few of the stats from the Google survey:

Google Wages War on Black and White Animals!

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From time to time I like to showcase other digital marketing experts in the WSI network, and today I’m featuring my guest blogger, Mark Colestock, a friend and associate of mine from St. Paul, MN.

By Mark Colestock

Recently a prospect asked me a great question about his customer...

Online Reputation Management – Play Offense and Win

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Think that being proactive with your online reputation isn’t important because you’re in a small market? Think...

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