The 3 Best ways to do Social Media Marketing WRONG

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  • Spreading yourself to thin
  • Relying...

Social media has rules…who knew?

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I guess its marketing’s version of natural selection. Social media didn’t start out with rules, they...

Online Reputation Management – Play Offense and Win

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Think that being proactive with your online reputation isn’t important because you’re...

Digital Marketing is hard enough, don’t squander your Traffic

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It’s hard enough...

Digital Marketing on the Cheap

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Maybe this just seems hysterical to me and my staff, but if you ever tried your hand at any sort of digital marketing for your business you’ll understand why this still cracks us up. If you have about two and a half minutes to kill, take a look at this short video and let me know what you think.

By the way, if you have any ideas for...

Social Media Suicide: 3 Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

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1: All business all the time

Would you really read a magazine that consisted entirely of ads?...

LinkedIn and Your Reputation… 1 Free Tip

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As a digital marketing firm here in Orange County, we often work with individuals whose names are heavily associated with their brand, such as an attorney, or a consultant or a doctor (or a digital marketer). One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is in these cases those individuals names are searched on as much as the industry keywords associated with their brand.

When it comes to your online reputation, control whatever you can.

Here’s the...


Ironically it’s usually easer to convert existing traffic into customers than it is to get more customers.


Here’s how the math works (the easy type of math):
• You get 1000 visitors to your website...

One Freebie to help Manage your Online Reputation

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LinkedIn is so much more powerful and useful than people give it credit for. It can become your digital business card, or resume, or online Rolodex. I have dozens of tips and strategies that I will be sharing on an upcoming webinar in September. But here is one tip that you can get started on now:

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to show up on the search engines when someone Google’s your name.

Once you optimize your profile, it’s actually pretty easy to get it...

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