Advantages of Scheduling your Facebook Posts

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Whether you are a digital marketing professional managing your client’s portfolio of social media, or freshly off the vacation of a lifetime, there are some distinct advantages of scheduling your Facebook posts.

Let’s suppose you’re on a family vacation and you feel compelled to share picture after picture of the gang posing in front of that exotic tourist trap. You essentially just notified the world that no one is at home and your house is open season. And...

Social Media Live!

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by Tina Hiatt, mother of innovative marketing.

We are happy to announce that Chuck Bankoff, Director of Web Services for Kreative Webworks will be speaking at the InPerson Social Media Event on August 25, 2012. Chuck will be speaking about Social Media marketing and answering your questions!  What better...

Ever wonder how Google really works?

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There are literally hundreds of different criterions that Google and the other major search engines use to decide which website should be ranked where for any given keyword search. However I typically put them in 3 (very general) buckets when trying to explain this to a client:

  1. On-Page Factors: Including the actual content on the site, the way it is formatted (for example; are the keywords mentioned in the right places?).
  2. Off-Page Factors:...

NOT being on Facebook may tag you as a Psychopath

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That’s right, about 90% of employers check the Facebook accounts of their applicants. Since Social Media presence is expected (Facebook in particular), a lack of one is a signal that you may have something to hide. The thinking is that your posts must be so egregious, that you just deleted the entire profile.

Psychologists on the other hand see a connection between being on Facebook and having a “normal” social life, going as far as drawing a correlation between the recent mass shooting...

Social Media management is absolutely imperative to startups...

So you think you’re “doing” Social Media Marketing?

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Big deal, you have a blog and a Facebook page. You follow countless irrelevant tweets on Twitter, you talk about your products and services relentlessly, and still no change in your bottom line. What happened? You’re “doing” Social Media aren’t you?

Sure you are (he says sarcastically), you’re probably just not doing it right. You’ve fallen prey to the illusion that checking off the social media boxes lets you off the hook. The reality is that the mistakes that you have been...

Campy little video done in a cute 50’s style cartoon animation. It’s about 6 minutes long and equates to a graduate school psychology paper (but more entertaining).

Keep your eyes open for the effect of color on human emotions, and you can figure out how it applies to everything from web design to logo design. It would apply to paper marketing in Chicago or digital marketing in Orange County CA.

Kreative Webworks is a Digital Marketing & Online Lead Generation firm in...

Mobile Website Design and Consistent Branding

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The benefits of good mobile website design are numerous and well documented. The highlights of a recent infographic by The Mobile Web Design Blog on June 16 points out that:

  • 2 out of 3 Americans are connected by mobile devices
  • 94%...

Search Engine Guarantees…Intentionally Misleading?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On February - 21 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

I don’t often defer to my colleagues to read my mind and post their articles instead of mine, but in this case I’ll make an exception. My friend and colleague Kimberly Nichols wrote one of the best, most concise articles on “

QR Codes; Digital Marketing’s new Favorite Toy!

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On December - 4 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

When it comes to Digital Marketing, the tools we’ve had to work with have always been interesting, but this one is actually way more fun than most.  Limited only by your imagination, it’s essentially free and almost anyone can adopt it!

QR Codes (abbreviation for “Quick Response” Code) is a digital image...

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