5 Proven Methods to Boost Your Google Rankings

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On May - 20 - 2014

googlePublishers Note: Gregg Towsley is a fellow Digital Marketer who specializes in helping plumbing/HVAC companies get more local exposure on the Internet to help grow their business. Gregg’s area of expertise is with helping plumbing and HVAC companies get listed high in the search engines, but his recommendations are just plain good advice for any local business that relies on website traffic. It’s all part of a process called Adaptive SEO, which by most accounts is the only way to “future proof” your search engine efforts.


 By Gregg Towsley

Gone are the days of tricking your way to a number one position. Old tactics like multiple user accounts, keyword stuffing, and spammy content just don’t work anymore… and in fact can get you in to trouble.  Google updates like Google Panda and Penguin and Hummingbird have made it harder than ever for website owners to maintain top search engine rankings above competitors.

Today, if you want to get your plumbing/HVAC company listed high in the search engines, you need to invest long-term in best practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Best practice SEO has two key elements that together form a very POWERFUL combination:

  1. Content
  2. Social activity


The Five Steps to Adaptive SEO Success:

1. Keyword and Competitive Research
At the core of every successful SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is a comprehensive keyword research component, one that includes discovering highly converting non-branded keywords as well as your branded keywords that you want to dominate the results for.  This research will show you who is listing (competition) above you.

2. Technical SEO Fundamentals
The technical fundamentals and the foundation of your website need to be correct and operational.  Things like load speed, site structure, navigation, user experience, and responsive design all play a part in how the search engines rank your site pages.

3. Optimized Content Marketing Plan
SEO cannot be done successfully without the inclusion of content marketing plan.  Your content should help your customers through the buying process and be distributed effectively through your social networks.

An example of content, you can provide answers to ALL the common questions your plumbing and HVAC technicians hear in the field. These questions and answers can be posted on your website in multiple pages and shared on your social channels. Example two, create content around the different geographies that your plumbing and HVAC trucks services. Each services area can be a separate page of your website. 

4.  Publish, Socialize, Share
The social signals generated from the top social media channels can be used to increase or discoverability in the search engines and help you distribute your content to you hyper local service areas. Remember, social networks are part of SEO (search engine optimization) and over 65% of ALL internet searches are geographic (location based within a 10 mile radius of a zip code) in nature.

5. Benchmark, Report, Improve
Regular analysis of the data is essential. Reviewing your search ranking position for a keyword/keyword phrase, data back links, social signals, social reach, organic visits, phone calls, leads, and conversion metrics are all critical in helping you make the right decisions. This information helps you decide what should happen next in your search strategy.


In conclusion, unless you take action with a new approach to SEO like the one suggested above, you will find yourself falling off search engines radar and your competition rising above you.


As the founder of Grow Plumbing,Gregg Towsley helps plumbing and HVAC businesses reach and connect with more customers online. Find Gregg and his team at www.GrowPlumbing.com



What is Adaptive SEO?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On September - 11 - 2013

First you have to understand that Google’s objective is to promote the best websites, not the best “optimized” websites. Search engines want to display the most accurate and varied results for each and every search query. Search engine optimizers know basically what the engines are looking for and attempt to gain a competitive advantage by “gamming” the system.

These techniques were not only publicly advertised, but considered industry best practices. The problem was they never met Google’s guidelines in the first place…they just happened to work.

What is Adaptive SEO?

Google is Smarter than You and everyone you Know.

You might assume “Adaptive” means reactive, but that’s not quite accurate. In fact where SEO is concerned it’s just the opposite. For years search engine optimization companies have been reacting to Google and adopting their techniques to outsmart the search engines.  These practices not only proved to be unsustainable, but have taken a dramatic turn for the worst. Regardless of what you think, Google is smarter than you, and everyone you employ… regardless of how tricky you think you are.


Adaptive SEO is about Web Presence Optimization, not Search Engine Optimization.

Adaptive SEO is about NOT playing cat and mouse with the search engines. It’s about developing a legitimate long-term, bulletproof web presence by doing things right. It’s about developing and sharing good quality content, it’s about link “earning” not link building. It’s about a good sound technical structure for your website, with easily indexable pages, clear navigation and fast load times. It’s about being mobile friendly and socially active (yes, your social presence is an actual search engine ranking factor). It’s about reviews and reputation and citations on directories and other reputable and industry related websites.


So where did your Google Rankings Go?

Did you used to have top rankings for all those money keywords, but they literary dried up over night? …and I do mean overnight. If you’ve seen a slow decline in rankings, or if your rankings fell off a cliff on a specific date, it was most likely because your SEO team wasn’t playing by Google’s rules.

So what happened? Were you actually penalized for these tactics? The answer is both “yes” and “sort of”. “Yes” if these tactics were blatantly overused, “sort of” if all those tactics which were previously sustaining your search dominance were simply no longer being counted.

Backlinks (links from other website, directories and web properties around the Internet) are a ranking factor. Suppose you had 1000 incoming links, but 950 of them were cheap “spammy” links that your SEO company purchased instead of earned. There was a day when you woke up and Google decided to no longer give you credit for those 950 spammy links. Now you have only 50. Naturally your search results are going to take a hit. Were you penalized? Sort of…it was more like a “correction” similar to what the stock market goes through periodically.  Similar to investing in good quality stocks with a track record of a return over time, Adaptive SEO is about investing in quality techniques and developing a sustainable long-term strategy…not about using questionable practices that will eventually stop working.


Where to start?

Start with the Research

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