Investing in America – Spotlight on WSI Consultant, Andrew Nguyen

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On October - 29 - 2010

Right now, I’d like to call attention to an exceptional young man, Andrew Nguyen, who has already served in the USA Marine Corps and then went on to establish himself as an outstanding business owner through acquiring a WSI Franchise. And this was accomplished all before he turned 30!

It is this very appetite for personal excellence and the entrepreneurial mindset that can be attributed to WSI’s new “Investing in America” Program. It’s the first time ever we’ve launched a program this unique. Its primary objectives are threefold: to help rebuild the US economy, to “pay it forward” with various charitable acts, and to open up our tremendous franchise opportunity to individuals who might not have otherwise had the chance to own their own business.

Notably, our Investing in America Program is only available to an exclusive few: young entrepreneurs and to American military veterans. And perhaps Andrew Nguyen’s personal and professional successes are a preview of the promising results we hope new WSI franchisees will accomplish through the Investing in America Program.

As mentioned, Andrew has an admirable history in the Marine Reserves that started post 9/11.  And in many ways, it’s his military experience that conditioned and prepared him for the demands of owning his own franchise. Importantly, serving in the US Marine Corps gave him a level of confidence that is fundamental when starting a business.

“As a WSI owner, I follow a proven system and model like I did in the Marine Corps. I adapt to change and adversity. Owning and operating a business is full of surprises, but it is all about reacting.”

Andrew Nguyen

A Perfect Recruit for WSI

As a WSI Franchise owner, Andrew works to help businesses grow by leveraging the Internet. He’s become a first rate expert in WSI’s leading edge digital marketing technologies, some which focus on SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and Social Media.

What’s more, Andrew’s first month in business was September 2008, right in the middle of the recession! But despite the naysayers around him, Andrew was motivated enough to forge ahead. Nearly two years later, I’m proud to report that his business isn’t showing signs of slowing down. His first year revenue of $100,000 has skyrocketed to nearly $500,000 in his second year!

Lastly, one of the prime factors that Andrew found so appealing in the WSI Franchise Opportunity were the constant innovations made available to the franchise network. We are fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge and resources, and WSI’s head office is dedicated to providing continuous learning, as well as weekly Power Points and Webinars. Essentially, franchisees like Andrew recognize WSI’s commitment to the profitability of our franchise network.

We’re extremely excited about the Investing in America Program. Through it, we’re able to support the restoration of the economy, as well as focus on social responsibility. Particularly, we’re looking forward to welcoming other military veterans and young entrepreneurs to the world class WSI Franchise Opportunity. Take if from Andrew, who has excelled at both ends of the spectrum.

“As a marine, we always strive for excellence within ourselves and will accept nothing less. We look for ways to sustain a competitive advantage at all times. The continuous education provided by WSI is the perfect example.”

Andrew Nguyen

If you are a young entrepreneur or a military veteran and are interested in receiving more information regarding the Investing in America Program, please visit our site.

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