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Posted by Chuck Bankoff On March - 11 - 2014

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The Charter Schools industry has become extremely competitive, and with each school scrambling to enroll more students everyone can use an edge. In fact, our team at Kreative Webworks has designed a specific student enrollment program just to help schools market to parents in their authorized districts. There are a lot of facets to a comprehensive digital marketing program, but organizing a blogging program is not out of the reach of even the smallest charter schools. 


Why should Charter Schools blog?
It’s just good public relations and good branding. Parents who are researching the right school for their child have an opportunity to get a feel for the schools culture, values and activities. In effect, build a comfort level with the school before they even engage a councilor to explore admissions.


Bloggers WantedLikewise, parents of current students are likely to enjoy staying up to date with school activities along with an increased familiarity and satisfaction with the faculty. Both of course are retention factors. It’s just a great way to keep motivated parents informed, and well…motivated.


Increased Web Presence:
Word of mouth is incredibly effective, but you can’t rely on word of mouth to get in front of parents at the exact moment they are searching for alternative education for their child. That’s why it’s so important to constantly be running an inbound marketing campaign. And yes, your Charter School MUST show up in the search results for keywords like “charter schools (insert your location here)” or “at home schooling” or “online high school” as a major objective of your inbound marketing strategy.


Blogging is not the end-all to a robust web presence, but it is a contributing factor. Search engines look for a constant stream of quality content, and a blog is an effective means of facilitating that content and augmenting your overall online marketing efforts.


How you blog is as important as how much you blog.
You want people to actually read it, share it and comment on it. The more attention it gets, the more the search engines take notice and have reason to rank your blog article on the search results pages and get in front of more parents who are considering a Charter School education for their child.


Some Blogging Basics:

  • One idea per post: If you find yourself straying off topic, congratulations… you just figured out your next blog post.
  • Word Count: How much is the right amount of copy? The answer is not one more word than is necessary…not one word less than is necessary. Job number one is to engage your readers. Close behind that is drawing the attention of Google and the other search engines. We generally recommend 300-600 words, but if a deeper topic warrants more coverage, don’t sell yourself short. Search engines have recently started to favor longer posts.
  • Sexy Title: Or at least interesting or relevant. Keep it appropriate for the audience, but make it unique and interesting enough to stand out. It also doesn’t hurt to throw in a keyword or two…but not at the expense of the integrity of the title.
  • Images: Find a great image that compliments the article. This is vital for sharing on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, etc. Be careful about using licensed images, the financial penalties are over the top now, and many of the larger stock photo companies are actively using image recognition software to patrol the Internet and extract huge fines from them. When necessary we supply fully licensed images for our clients as part of our school marketing packages.

Many Hands make Light Work:
Yes, blogging can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming for any one individual. Here’s a few strategies to spread out the work to lighten the load:

  • If every instructor and administrator were assigned just one article to write per month, there would be an abundance of quality content publish on a regular basis. After all… why should they be the only ones handing out homework?
  • What about a “Kids Corner” where you let motivated students take a whirl? Or it could be part of an assignment where the best of the best get published.image3
  • It can be a team sport. If you aren’t going with an “all hands on deck” strategy where everyone blogs, perhaps assembling a team of motivated staff to handle the writing is a way to share the load. You might consider rotating the staff in and out so everyone gets a chance to write. That will also help to keep it fresh.
  • Hire a ghost writer or third party. We often write many of our client’s blogs on a regular basis. In some cases we augment their contributions, in other cases we do all the writing. Keep in mind, that you will probably lose a little of the personality when a third party takes charge. That’s why we recommend a hybrid strategy where our copywriters share the load with the school’s authors.


What to blog about?

image4There really is no limit to the topics of interest. Think of your audience; existing parents and students would probably like to stay up to date with happenings regarding the school. That might include anything from preparing for finals, to preparing for that field trip. Perspective parents might like to know more about student life, or the school’s learning philosophy. Students might like to see what their classmates are writing…which might also be especially appealing to perspective parents.


Speaking of parents, how many of them might want to do an occasional guest post? They could write about their careers, and how their education enabled them to achieve their aspirations. Or perhaps a tech-savvy parent might write about learning software they have tested.


You don’t have to limit yourself to one blog category. For example, you could have one blog entitled “Home Room” and another entitled “Kids Corner” and a third one called “In the News” and yet one more entitled “Play Ground”.


Promoting Your Blog:

The typical strategy that we use for our Charter School clients consists of a coordinated effort and repeatable steps.

  • In the blog article, we hyperlink to other blog articles on the website or perhaps relevant pages to the blog topic.
  • We write a “Teaser” which is no more than an interesting and VERY short paragraph to pique the interest of parents, perspective parents, students and teachers who are following our school clients on Social media such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. This teaser links directly back to the specific blog article. This not only drives direct traffic to the article, it signals the search engines that something of interest is happening on your website (that’s a good thing).
  • We schedule these teasers to go out simultaneously on all of our client’s social channels.
  • We encourage everyone to “Share” the articles with their circle of influence.


There are many facets to a comprehensive inbound digital marketing strategy for Charter schools, private schools, of any industry for that matter. Blogging is just one tool in your online marketing toolbox, but it is something that your school can have a great deal of control over and actually help move the needle and fill up those classrooms.


Charter School Marketing is a student enrollment marketing program developed by the team at Kreative Webworks specifically to help schools gain more visibility in their authorized districts to enroll more students.


Online Reviews are a Key Strategy to Your Marketing Plan

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On February - 27 - 2014

Reputation ManagementPublishers Note: Gregg Towsley is a fellow Digital Marketer who specializes in helping plumbing/HVAC companies get more local exposure on the Internet and grow their business. If there is one thing we agree on, it’s the absolute necessity for local businesses…in any industry to proactively manage reputation through positive customer reviews.

By: Greg Towsley


Online reviews play an important role in your ability to your grow plumbing/HVAC business, not just with word of mouth marketing, but online reviews also have a stake in the success of your online marketing. If you aren’t soliciting your customers for online reviews then you could be missing out on some great marketing opportunities.


In the past, word of mouth marketing was a very powerful plumbing marketing tool, and it still is today. However with the onset of the internet, word of mouth marketing has changed over the years. While the traditional form of word of mouth marketing is still alive and well, the power of online reviews supersedes the later. With online plumbing marketing trends changing ever so rapidly it is important to stay on top of the trends. Google algorithms are constantly changing and adapting to combat some of the earlier strategies of SEO and link-building, in an effort to promote relevant content for search results. In addition, with the onset of more and more mobile searches, online reviews prove to be more relevant in some search results.


Here’s why you should be soliciting online reviews
Online reviews for a plumbing/HVAC company allow owners to reach out to customers. We hope that all of your customers have wonderful things to say about your plumbing company, however on occasion there will be a disgruntled customer. Online reviews allow company owners to correct a bad business experience. By taking a negative situation and correcting it, it creates a positive customer experience. This is pure customer service, and an important part of owning a plumbing company. It allows plumbing companies to find out what their customers are looking for to better serve them.


Online reviews are also great to create new business. Like we stated before this is the new word of mouth marketing, and new customers are more likely to hire a professional plumber that has great reviews vs. one who has bad reviews with no resolution or one who has no reviews at all. Customers listen to what other customers have to say more than any other source.


Reviews help improve search ranking. The more reviews a plumbing business has the more relevant to search engines your plumbing company will be. Google favors online reviews because they are organic. With Google Local reviews are heavily weighted, and many mobile users pull up search results from platforms such as these because they are more compatible with mobile use. In this sense you are allowing your customers to do the plumbing marketing for you. In addition many reviews will contain keywords that bring in new customers.


All in all, online reviews are great for plumbing/HVAC marketing and a good strategy to grow a plumbing/HVAC business. If you are short on reviews first make sure you have claimed your local directories on Google, Bing, YahooLocal, and Yelp! Then simply ask your customers to review your plumbing business, you can even send a follow up email after service has be completed or reach out to them on social media. This is a great way to engage with your customers and do some free marketing.


Here are 4 tips to get more online reviews for your business.

  1. Organic method—making sure your business is listed on as many third-party sites as possible, so that customers can find you if they feel like writing reviews spontaneously.
  2. Phone call—kinda old-fashioned, but highly effective.
  3. Link to clickable images on your site—something that customers who return to your site can click on to write you reviews.
  4. Single-page handouts—a sheet of instructions you can simply hand to customers, which walks them through how to post a review.

Gregg Towsley is the founder of Grow Plumbing “All Things Plumbing Marketing” and blogs regularly at

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