The statistics are overwhelming. Consumers will either reject or embrace your brand based on what they see when accessing your website on a mobile device.

Here are just a few of the stats from the Google survey:

  • 20% of visitors to a mobile friendly website (small & local businesses) led to an immediate call to action (click-to-call).
  • 36% said they felt like they wasted their time by visiting a non-mobile friendly site.
  • 52% said a bad experience on their mobile device made them less likely to engage with a brand.
  • 61% said they would abandon a website if they didn’t see what they were looking for right away.
  • About 50% said that they felt the company just didn’t care about their business if their mobile site works poorly.
  • Conversely two-thirds said they were more likely to buy or interact with a company that was mobile friendly.

Consider the frustration when looking at a full sized website that is effectively the size of a postage stamp. The text is too small to read without “pinching” it larger and scrolling in both dimensions to read it. The buttons are too small to target with your fat fingers.

Take a look at the differences between the standard and mobile versions of these sites. Look at the mobile simulation, and then click through to the standard site and you will be able to envision the difference in user experience.

Also consider that the behavioral patterns of mobile users are different than those of their desktop counterparts. People don’t read on the Internet…they scan. People on mobile devices read even less, so the mobile version should be lean and mean, giving consumers only what they are looking for.

Finally, Google concludes that non-mobile friendly websites actually damage the consumer’s perception of the company. The good news is that for most brands, a mobile friendly version of their website is not that difficult or expensive to deploy.

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