Viral Radio Marketing?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On June - 4 - 2011

Web Presence Optimization is all about being in more places with more content to get in front of more people. Consumers used to spend a lot of time on a few media choices. Now they spend a little time on a lot of media choices. The trick is to get in front of as many of the “right” people as you can.

Here is a unique approach:

Get yourself an Internet based radio show, interview a bunch of influential people, and have them send the link on to their influential friends.

Sounds like a long shot doesn’t it? Ironically it is becoming a bit of a trend. I was recently interviewed twice by two unrelated interview programs here in Orange County California.

The most recent was just a couple of weeks ago by Will Crist of “Pilgrim on the 405”, a live drive-time radio show catering to commuters on the 405 freeway traveling through Orange County. You can listen to Will’s interview; Pilgrim Talks: Chuck Bankoff and Mark Friedman to get an idea of the format.

The first was just a few days earlier by veteran journalist Tony DeMaio of Big Media USA on the realities and myths of Search Engine Optimization. In fact, I’m working with Tony to take the concept on a test ride myself with my own radio show.

Does the concept work? Well, after I was interviewed I posted this article on blogs, Facebook and Twitter and you’re reading it.

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