Social media has rules…who knew?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On September - 26 - 2012

I guess its marketing’s version of natural selection. Social media didn’t start out with rules, they just kind of evolved. Those who set the rules figured it out through a combination of trial and error and common sense. Those who didn’t were domed to extinction and obscurity. (Darwin would be so proud).

  1. Loosen up!

    Don’t take yourself too seriously. You can be about business…but you can have a personality too. In fact some of our most popular posts have nothing directly to do with our digital marketing business, but that’s what keeps them coming back.

  2. It’s a balancing act!

    Social marketing has infiltrated every aspect of what we do as online marketing strategists. Even search engines factor in “likes” re-tweets and +1’s into their algorithms, but never forget that some good old fashioned paid marketing is still a vital part of the equation.

  3. Content marketing is about quality not quantity!

    Human beings could always tell the difference between well produced quality content and fluff. Try to slip low quality past your followers and the search engines, and all your efforts will fail.

  4. A clear call to action

    Online or offline, if you want something done, you have to tell them what to do. We’ve found that asking people to comment or like something actually works. Be clear about what you want your audience to do after consuming your content and engaging with your brand.

  5. You MUST add value!

    Value comes in different forms… information, entertainment, education – it’s all good. Bottom line is if people like it…it adds value and they’ll come back for more.

  6. Don’t talk at your audience…talk with them.

    It’s a conversation, not a lecture. Don’t just keep the lines of communication open, encourage it. When contacted, always respond quickly and sincerely. Mix your topics and keep track of what elicits a reaction.

  7. Don’t just DO social, BE social.

Chuck Bankoff is Director of Web Services and Social Media Strategist for Kreative Webworks, a Digital Marketing Agency serving Orange County CA since 1999.

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