Social Media Suicide: 3 Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On August - 26 - 2012

1: All business all the time

Would you really read a magazine that consisted entirely of ads? Well why would a consumer continue to follow you if it was all about you and not them? Consider the lifestyle of your followers and offer content around that, only occasionally slipping in something interestingly promotional.

2: Ignoring your Fans and Followers

The search engines look for engagement, your followers look for engagement. If they have a comment or ask a question RESPOND! If not, you won’t get credit from Google for posting that engaging content, and you’ll probably lose at least the customer who posted (and others who were following the conversation that went DOA).

3: No Personality

If your company was a person, what kind of personality would he (or she) have? Funny, serious, sophisticated, streetwise? Consciously create the persona that you want to represent your companies’ image… then become that person. Use “We” or “I” instead of your company name.

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