The 6 Styles of Landing Pages…and when to use them

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On October - 24 - 2013

You can drive as much traffic as you want to your website but if you don’t convert that traffic into phone calls, emails, submitted forms or transactions, you’re just wasting time and money.


There are essentially 3 categories of landing pages. The choice of which is largely dependent on the specific strategies and goals of the campaign.

- Standalone Landing Pages: These are typical of specific promotions or specific products or services.

- On-Site Landing Pages: These often include the homepage or service or product pages.

- Microsites: These are typically small, multi-page websites with a single focus and a built in sales funnel.



Each of those categories come in multiple flavors (the 6 Styles)

1 – Squeeze Pages: The objective of a “squeeze” page is to capture the contact information of the visitor to harvest the lead at a later time or as part of a scheduled lead nurturing strategy. An example of lead nurturing might be setting up a series of pre-written emails that would be automatically sent to the consumer over a period of weeks, building up interest and culminating in a sales pitch or special offer.


2 – Infomercial Landing Pages: These come in a couple of different flavors, but you’ve probably seen the ones that resemble the old style sales letter that is mostly text and sensationalism. Just like the classic late night infomercials on TV, they try to verbally make their case as to why you can’t live without their product or service. They typically scroll in perpetuity punctuated only by periodic offers you can opt-in to and thus put yourself out of your pain by succumbing to their offer.


3 – Viral Landing Pages: The goal extends past merely converting your visitors into customers, but to enlist them to tell their friends as well. It might be a funny video or a game that is somehow branded to your company via a subtle logo or product placement as part of a greater branding campaign.


4 – Microsites: Yes, the Cadillac of landing pages because it requires a bit more commitment. This is essentially a mini website with its own URL and custom design. These are often the destination of choice for larger investments in the form of paid advertising such as Pay-Per-Click, print and TV ads.


5 – Product Specific Landing Pages: This is a very common, but useful type of landing page because it probably already exists. Typically just an existing page on your website that contains all the information on a specific product or service.


6 – Homepage: Typically has the lowest conversion rate because the home page is like the index in a book. It’s the jump-off point for the entire contents of the rest of the site. As such, it is unfocused by nature.


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